Sep 18, 2021



Pocket Watches


A month-long exhibition right at 2ToneVintage’s showroom to showcase some of the rarest and most significant pocket watches dating back as far as the 1800s. The exhibition includes a walk-down memory lane, illustrating the first sundial, to the first wristwatch and from the Quartz Crisis to where we are today.

The month-long exhibition showcased pocket watches and a walk down memory lane to highlight the key developments in the history of watchmaking. On display are some of the rarest and most historically-significant timepieces dating back as far as the 1800s.

“The pandemic is affecting all walks of life and businesses and in-accordance to the 5-person gathering rule set by the government, we hope this mini-exhibition can bring some positive feeling that we will get through this. We are surprised by the turn-out everyday for this exhibition ourselves.

The vibes at the showroom and among the people who visited are simply amazing and comforting!”

Ali Nael, Founder & CEO

Interact with museum pieces

It is not always possible to view auction grade pieces up close, let alone be allowed to handle them to enjoy the details. 2ToneVintage Watches offered the public a rare opportunity to engage these timepieces on an interpersonal level because furthering the culture of watch collection is the company’s mission, and appreciation of vintage and antiques is also the appreciation of the history and story behind each piece.

Advocating the culture of watch appreciation

“As a passionate collector myself, I hope to preserve and forward the culture of watch appreciation, especially vintages and such programs helps in raising interest, and there are some pieces here which are museum piece, it’s only right that their existence is made known instead of being kept in a cabinet in obscurity.” Says Ali Nael, CEO & Founder of 2ToneVintage Watches”

Rare amazing pieces that promises to WOW

Some of the pieces on display included Patek Philippe rarities such as the Garnet Heart, the Ref. 605 HU cloisonné enamel worldtimer, and the Ref 962/1J Grand Complication with Minute Repeater and Equation of Time. Pocket watches from other brands are represented as well, with notable pieces from Breguet, Vacheron Constantin and Audemars Piguet were also present. A total of 60 pocket watches were put up on display from both Ali Nael’s private collection and the showroom’s stocks.

The Past, The Present, Has a Beginning

The concept of the exhibition – The Beginning, explores what remains, considering the past and the present. The concept is to look into the history of watchmaking, honouring what remains true to this day – the value of time, and seeing how mankind has valued time through the means that he has invented to measure it.

Aside from hands-on time with these exclusive pocket watches, visitors will also get to learn about the servicing and maintenance of vintage watches at the service centre, with an in-house master watchmaker, guiding the demonstration). Finally, visitors also get to view and experience the extensive inventory of auction grade vintage wrist watches.

2ToneVintage - The Beginning Exhibition - Rare & Exclusive Pocket Watches Singapore

Heading In The Right Direction

The turnout and R.S.V.P.s were overwhelming but the team at 2ToneVintage Watches are not complaining. As an advocate and authority on vintage watches, pocket watches and clocks, the event was meant to be educational and highlights our commitment to forward the collecting culture with the heart of a purist. Although Singapore is a major import and export market for luxury watches, little are known about pocket watches and clocks, which is an integral part of the entire watch appreciation culture.

We hope to continue our efforts in educating and forwarding the watch appreciation and collecting culture in Singapore, and beyond. Although this is a small-scale exhibition, we were surprised by the turnout and interests. The exchange of knowledge and our opportunity to answer questions during the exhibition sends a positive vibe and message that we are heading in the right direction.

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