Nov 9, 2021

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Founder & CEO of 2ToneVintage Watches at Dubai Watch Week 2021

The Founder & CEO of 2ToneVintage Watches, Mr. Ali Nael shall be heading to the Dubai Watch Week happening from the 24th to the 28th of November. As an invited speaker in one of the Forum “I Love My Patek. What Does It Do?”, Ali shall be sharing his experiences in the journey of watch collecting, and his thoughts on the current market trend.


Just as the world is adjusting to Living with the Pandemic, the much anticipated Dubai Watch Week (DDW) returns this year, set to run from November 24 through November 28. Other than recent events such as WatchOnly, IWC exhibition and major auctions that have kept us awake for a few nights, the upcoming DDW would most probably be the closing gig before we draw the curtains on a year of unprecedented uncertainty.

For us at 2ToneVintage Watches, this wouldn’t be just another ordinary watch event as our Founder and CEO, Mr. Ali Nael is invited to be a guest speaker at one of the event’s forum panel, covering the topic “I Love My Patek, What Does it Do?”

The mission of DDW goes beyond providing a platform for sales and marketing. In fact, it is educational down its bones. Their goal is to create an educational, experiential, and networking event like no other, and so Masterclasses and Forums with selected Panel of Experts are anticipated events that offers the opportunity to gain insights, knowledge and exchanges between both brands and collectors.

As a fervent collector of rare and exquisite Patek Philippe vintage timepiece, Ali will be sharing his personal experiences and point-of-view on not just Patek Philippe watches, but the overall sentiments and trend in the global horology community. It is a great honour and privilege for Mr. Ali Nael and we would like to share this news with our friends.

Do not miss this precious moment happening on 25 Nov 2021, 10am to 11am. Register your interest with the following link;

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