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2ToneVintage Watches Opens In Singapore

Not just another watch dealer one would normally see in Singapore. Find authentic, rare and historically significant vintage timepieces here at 2ToneVintage Watches.

To meet the growing demand for specialised care needed by investment-grade timepieces, 2ToneVintage’s flagship store opens its doors in Singapore, to give top-of-the line service for purveyors of fine watches across the region and globally.

“This is not just the opening of a store,” explains Ali Nael, industry expert in rare vintage watches, and helmsman at 2ToneVintage. “It is the culmination of years of collecting beautiful works of art.”

The 1300-sq ft showroom doesn’t just exhibit exceptional and authentic collections of timepieces from renowned brands such as Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, Omega, Rolex, and Audemars Piguet, to name a few, but also includes a fully-equipped service centre for complex clockworks managed by Master Watchmaker Abdelelah Jafar. Clients around the region and globally are also welcome to have their watches authenticated and polished. Collectors and connoisseurs of fine luxury timepieces around Southeast Asia may now opt to have their precious collections repaired to their former glory in Singapore with the recent opening of 2ToneVintage’s flagship boutique. 

It [2ToneVintage Boutique] is the heartbeat of my love for exceptional timepieces that aren’t just breathtaking in their handmade complexity and finish, but also the amazing history and journey of each and every one of them. — Ali Nael

For collectors and by collectors, 2ToneVintage started last 2018 as a private showroom with customers visiting by appointment only. Nael already had customers from over 30 countries around the world who regularly turn to him for advice as well as access to rare and otherwise unavailable vintage watches. The overwhelming response from clients across the globe urged Nael to expand the space and open it publicly.

Advocating the culture of watch appreciation

“It’s really about sharing my passion and the art and science behind all this,” shares Nael. “I have spent many years attending world-renowned auctions and exhibitions, and have also had the distinct privilege of learning from some of the industry’s best experts in this matter. When someone comes into the store and is eager to learn and understand, I am thrilled to talk about my favourite topic and also know that it’s helping this person start on an incredible journey of great satisfaction!”

Nael was previously a successful oil trader in Southeast Asia but his penchant for watches led him to be a collector.

“I was fortunate to have had mentors and experienced collectors to teach me how to appreciate the value and beauty of such timepieces,” says Nael. “Knowing how to pick the right watch for its inherent value and beauty, is one thing, but it is a completely different decision-making process when a collector is evaluating the timepiece’s quality, originality, and provenance leading to a quality investment.”

Nael firmly believes that being educated about watches is more important than merely buying and selling them. Already, in the few weeks the flagship store has been open, Nael has been kept exceptionally busy imparting his knowledge to those who are new to vintage watch collecting, and who are eager to learn the ins and outs of what had started as hobby for him.

A First in Singapore. The focus is absolutely non-mainstream.

Nael believes that the 2ToneVintage flagship boutique is the first of its kind in Singapore, possibly in Southeast Asia as well. Thus far, owners of rare vintage watches have had to send their exquisite collections to Switzerland to have them repaired or serviced; costly logistics often takes up to a year. “As a collector myself, I was particularly struck by the challenges of maintaining a vintage watch collection in this part of the world given these restrictions, which is why I am especially determined to ensure that the pleasure of appreciating the value of vintage watches isn’t marred by logistical issues,” he says.

Look Forward to Greater Education in Watch Collecting.

Though considered as the dark horse of luxury investments, collecting vintage watches remains worthy of attention, especially with record numbers participating in 2020 alone. It is an industry that has grown exponentially since 2010 (to a value of approximately GBP2.5 billion), and one that is poised to continue growing as sentiment towards handmade works of historical significance gains traction amongst collectors during these turbulent pandemic times.

This interview is first featured on Tatler. Visit Tatler to read the original article by FRANZ SORILLA IV.

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